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These features make StrokesIn an essential tool for every golfer who wants to improve his performance and track his handicap. In addition, StrokesIn offers the ability to manage played rounds in "My Rounds" so you have an overview of your playing performance at all times. The app is available for 18-hole and 9-hole rounds. Golf courses in countries such as Germany, England, France, Greece, Sweden, Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Turkey are available.

Developed by golfers for golfers, simply better!

Video Scan of scorecard

  • Large selection of golf courses.
  • Search function by country or across multiple countries.
  • Individual setup of a favorites list.
  • The golf course data is managed on a server. When you start the app, the
    data is synchronized.

  • All golf courses are recorded and
    selectable by tee box, along with
    the corresponding golf course data.

  • Clear scorecard.
  • Free entry of handicap index.
  • Calculation and display of course
    handicap based on the handicap
    index and the selected golf course.

  • Scorecard with data such as Par
    and Index, and course handicap
    indicated by "strokes."

  • Recording of strokes made using scan
    function from scorecard.
  • Recording of strokes made using
    dictation function from scorecard.
  • Recording of strokes made through
    manual input via keyboard.

  • Convenient after the round.
  • Scanning and reading of handwritten numbers from scorecard.
  • Text-to-speech function for verification.

  • Dictation function for recording strokes.
  • "All" mode: after the round.
  • "Single" mode: continuously during the round.
  • Text-to-speech function for verification.

  • After recording the strokes, the round
    result is visible on the scorecard.
  • Number of strokes as well as the gross
    and net points achieved.
  • Adjusted Gross Score (ADS)
  • Score Differential (SD)
  • The calculation is based on the World Handicap System (WHS).
  • Adjustable handicap effectiveness of Neutral, Tournament or EDS round.

  • Each played round is added to the "My Rounds" list.
  • Tournament or EDS rounds are
    specially marked.
  • The best played tournament or EDS
    rounds, which are used for the
    handicap index calculation, are
    marked green.
  • The calculation is based on the World Handicap System (WHS).
  • The inclusion of previously played tournaments or EDS rounds is
    possible manually.


Developed by golfers for golfers, simply better!